“I first went to Tracey at Bedrock Healing for acupuncture after developing a skin problem. This condition caused severe itching and swelling of joints and this, in turn, made me anxious and stressed.  Tracey treated me using acupuncture, Reiki and other methods, all of which have been a tremendous help. I always leave the clinic feeling calm and very relaxed. I highly recommend her to all and will continue to see her as and when needed” . L. Cyster


“I went to see Tracey as I had a long standing problem with tennis elbow. She was very welcoming and undertook a thorough diagnosis, which led to a variety of treatments. Tracey was very attentive and I am pleased to say that my tennis elbow improved immediately” .  Russell, C


“I have been seeing Tracey on a regular basis for over 2 years.  She is a considered and astute acupuncturist who is passionate about getting my body back to its optimum place.  I went to her initially for help with the changes I was experiencing with the peri-menopause and now menopause and fibroids.  The regular treatments have been a godsend and have made a huge difference to the quality of my life.  I cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me so far and will continue seeing her on a regular basis.  I highly recommend her”.  Erica B


“From my very first acupuncture appointment, Tracey has helped me immensely. Subsequent treatments continue to make me feel better and stronger to deal with all elements that can make life hard at times.  I originally sought help from Tracey to deal with menopausal symptoms.  At the start of my appointment Tracey makes sure she gets a good understanding of how I’m feeling before she suggests the best therapy for me that day. I ask lots of questions because I’m so interested in what she’s doing, It’s fascinating but also so good to understand more about the treatments. I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone who is looking to experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture and alternative therapies”.  Alison W


“I have been seeing Tracey since January 2016 during a very stressful time in my life, both professionally and personally. She is focused, eager to help and provides a high level of care and kindness at every appointment. A fantastic listener, non-judgemental and tender.  With her impeccable attention to detail, I am confident in her abilities to heal mind, body and soul. I now feel nourished, relaxed and healthier and know whatever symptom I may have, Tracey will find a solution.  Cathy. C